Shri Siddharoodha Swamy Math Trust Committes, Hubli-24

175th Year Birth Anniversary Celebrations of the emperor of Advaith Philosophy Sadguru Sri Siddharudha Swamiji’s and centenary Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Sadguru Sri Gurunatharudha Swamy.


Great yogi and spiritual Teacher Samy Siddhrudha was a spiritual saint who illumined the hearts of millions of his devotees. Who was a great exponent of Advaita Philosophy has preached Nijaguna Philosophy, Bhagawdgeeta, Upanishads, Panchadashi, Brahmasutra to his disciples. Devotees from all walks of life from kings to common man approached him for spiritual guidance and blessings.
The great saint was known for his simple living and high thinking. His Only property was Langota, a mud vessel and a ragged piece of cloth (ragati) Kowdi of swamy siddhrudha is of special significance and signified his simple living. He preached oneness of all religions and equality of all human beings. He never discriminated people on the basis of caste creed, color and gender He was a divine incarnation.
Sadguru Swamy Grunatharudha was his ardunt disciple, who lived in stithaprajna state for 33 years on the spiritual directions of his mentor Swamy Siddharudha.
We are fortunate to observe the 175th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Sadguru Swamy Siddharudha and centenary birth Anniversary Celebrations of Sadguru Swamy Sri Gurunatharudha from 24th to 30th November 2010 at Sri Siddharoodha Swamy Math, Hubli, Karnataka state.
In the memory of Great saints and for the welfare of the devotees “AROODHA JYOTHI” yatra is organized from the Holy BIRTH PLACE of Swamy Siddharudha, Chalakapur village, bidar district to Sri Siddharooda Swamy Math, Hubli covering parts of Karnataka Maharastra and goa states.
The trust committee has planned to organize Vishwa Vedanta parishad [World Vedanta conference] and the trust has decided to invite Holymen from all parts of India and the world all over, renowned scholars, academicians and statesmen will participate in this historic event. The estimated expenditure is around Rs. 50lakhs, and the Trust committee has decided to raise this from the devotees.
Hence, we Appeal to the devotees to contribute their mite to make the celebrations a grand success and receive the blessings of the Holy saints.
  • Sadguru Sri Siddharudha Swamiji’s Raksha Kavach and Swamiji’s Photo will be awarded with honour to the devotes who pay Rs. 25,000-00 contribution and their names will be printed in the souvenir.
  • Donors who pay min. Rs. 5000-00 and above will be honoured with photographs of the both saints and their names will be printed in the Souvenir.
N. B: Devotees can send their Conations through Cheques/DD to the Math, infavour of the Chairman, Jayanthotsava Samithi, Sri Siddharudha Swamy Math Trust Committee, Hubli. Karnataka State or the S.B. A/c No.3093269040, State Bank of India Branch Sri Siddharudha Nagar Hubli-24 Karnataka State.
We solicit your kind Co-operation and support

Life and Message of Sri Sadguru Siddharudha Swamy

The great saint and exponent of Advaita philosophy, Swamy Siddharoodha was born at Chalakapur Village, Bhalki Taluka of Bidar district in Karnataka state, India on 26-03-1836 (Shalivahan Shake 1758 Durmukhi Nam Samvatsara Chaitra Shuddha Navami Day) Saint's parents, father Sri Gurushantappa and Mother Smt Deva Mallamma named the sacred child as “Siddha”.
Swamy Sri Siddharudha's spiritual mentor pujyasri Gajadanda Shivayogi named his disciple saint as Sri Siddharudha Bharati and blessed with initiation of Avadhootashram Diksha and guided the saint to initiate Shiva panchakshari mantra to his disciples to lead them towards the path of Self-Realization.
Then, Swamy Siddharudha went round India, Nepal, Ceylon, Tibet (china) and visited all holy places. He enlightened the devotees wherever he went, against ignorance, superstition and blind belief and directed them to realize divinity in themselves. The Great Saint endowed with spiritual powers never performed miracles but miracles happened to alleviate the miseries of the disciples who come to him to receive his divine blessings.
Finally, the Great Spiritual Saint arrived at Hubli (Karnataka state) during 1877 then he was only 41 years old.
The selfless young saint Swamy Siddharudha mingled with seekers of knowledge of all hues and cries. He never discriminated his devotees on the basis of caste, creed, colour, gender, language, religion and economic status.
He was a Great teacher, philosopher and guide to millions of people who approached him for solace and happiness. There are more than 3000 Ashramas and spiritual centres of Swamy Siddharoodha in India and abroad.
The Revered great saint Swamy Siddharudha relinquished his mortal body and rejoined eternal divinity on 21-08-1929.
His Divine Presence ever blesses the devotees through his Shivayoga Samadhi at the Sri Siddharudha Ashram built by his devotees in memory of the great saint.
Holy Chanting of the Divine Mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” day and night at the Ashram is the constant spiritual vibration to save mankind from misery and suffering. The Great yogi suggested to his devotees to chant openly this divine Mantra in Common Prayers and also in indidual prayers.
“Salvation is to know thyself”. Human body is the vehicle for liberation by practicing right conduct is the holy message of the spiritual master Swamy Siddharudha.
The great Indian freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak, the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi visited the great saint for guidance and received the blessings during the freedom movement. Not only that the Badoda Maharaja his Highness Sri Sayaji Gaikawad and president of India Sri Gyani zailsingh and acting president B.D. Jatti and the former Home MinisterSardar Bootasingh and the supreme court justice Sri Ranganath Mishraji and all India political leaders visited this famous Matha.

Sadguru Sri Gurunatharudha Swamy

The ardent disciple of swamy Siddharudha is Swamy Sri Gurunatharudha who was born in Hubli on 09-06-1909. His parents Ujjannavar Siddappa and mother Smt Parvatamma named him as Gurappa. He lost his mother few days after his birth. He grew under the divine protection of Swamy Sri siddharudha.
On the direction of his Guru he remained in “Stitapragna” state after the passing away of swamy Sri Siddharudha. Swamy Sri Siddharudha has conveyed to his devotees that he liberated his devotees by explaining and teaching scriptures but his disciple Sri Gurunatharoodha will protect the devotees by his divine sight.
Sadguru Sri Gurunatharudha departed this world and joined his mentor on 13-05-1962. His divine grace is experienced by the devotees at his Shivayoga Samadhi in the Ashram.