Service Charges

  1. If Rs. 1,00,001/- is paid, on Important days like Rama Navami, Shivaratri and Shravana, during the celebration, Dasoha (free food supply) will be arranged in the donor name.
  2. For Rs. 5005/- the 'Dasoha' (free food supply) will be offered on any one day in the name of the donor devotee, other then the days mentioned on the special days.
  3. For Rs. 2,001/- one day Abhisheka in the scheme of Nirantara Abhisheka for Shri Siddharudha Swamiji will be performed in the donor's name.
  4. If you pay Rs. 2,001/- one day Abhisheka in the Nirantara Abhisheka of Shri Gurunatharudha swamiji will be perfomed.
    Special Note:- One Year after the date of payment of Abhisheka the process of Abhisheka starts.
  5. Rs. 200/- for the Panchamruta Abhisheka.
  6. The Subscription rate of “Tatvamruta” a monthly magazine published by the shri math is as follows.
    Subscription details :
    • Life Membership Rs. 1000/-
    • For one year Rs. 100/-
    • Each issue Costs Rs. 10/-
  7. Membership of the Shri math.
    • Life Benefectors Rs. 1,001/-
    • Life Supporters Rs. 501/-
    • Life Member Rs.101/-
  8. For Vehicle Pooja (Worship) Rs. 100/-
    Lodging Facilities : Well furnished and equipped rooms are available for the devotees of Shri Math who come visit from different places at cheaper rates.